Visual Production

Our creative work extends to video production of all kinds and objectives, as we have built our strong competence in filming scenes and artistic directing for short and long films, advertising videos and motion graphics, with Hamim you will not worry about the quality of sound or image.

Video takes the lead, without competition, among all digital marketing methods, as it is the most attractive and influential on consumers, especially in the Saudi market. 70% of smartphone users watch at least one video per week.

Imagine, if you were offered to spend 10 minutes reading an article or watching a video that gave you the same information in 3 minutes in an innovative way, what would you choose? You will definitely like the video because it is faster and more interesting, as will your customers!

Visual content basically means all the visual parts of the content, which you usually see through social media posts, photos, GIF files, videos, motion graphics, etc. For the eyes.

Whatever product, service or message you are promoting, we can present it to your audience in an innovative way. We have a team of story writing, video and animation creators who can turn any idea into visually stunning content.