About Lhamim

A Saudi idea and origin, global in capabilities, We were born in the year 2017 in order to fill the Marketing gaps In the areas of Digital and creativity, to provide services of a high level and untried before, with the ambition of our talents and the expertise of our specialists

Our vision

To be the digital partner for major regional entities and projects

Our Mission

Delivering high quality services through carefully designed

Why Choose Us

  • Passion is our prime mover
  • We cant work without innovation
  • Always above your expectations
  • Our commitment to reach your goals in the right way and time

Our Numbers


Reach rate of our advertising campaigns


Conversion rate for all our campaigns


Average increase in interaction with our clients' accounts

+126 حملة إعلانية

Most of them have crossed the geographical boundaries of the markets


New follower for our clients

Success Partners

Our Team