Our accumulated successes and experiences have contributed to establishing accurate marketing rules and tactics that enable us to define your marketing goals, and the requirements for the success of your products and services to reach your target audience, whether through digital or traditional marketing.

digital marketing

Companies face many challenges including the daily increasing competition that requires innovative solutions to stand out. Therefore, digital marketing services seemed to be valuable options for dealing with and overcoming these challenges.

Digital marketing services are marketing solutions that adapt to the transformation of consumer behavior. More than 79% of consumers nowadays conduct their research on the desired products or services and buy online through the many marketing and sales channels available on it such as online stores and social media platforms.

Our digital marketing services provide you with a strong opportunity to compete and achieve the highest ROI in shorter periods.

Examples of our digital marketing services:

  • Social Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • App Store Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer retargeting

traditional marketing

Just like any other field in the world, marketing tactics have evolved and become digital. But with all the digital marketing and promotion options available to take advantage of, more traditional marketing methods remain effective.

Traditional marketing still plays an important role and achieves satisfactory results in reaching local audiences. There is an audience that is easier to reach through traditional marketing than through online marketing; Due to differences in consumer behavior and in order to ensure accurate reach, we expand and diversify our advertising media by:

  • Newspapers
  • TV Channels
  • News and Programs
  • Outdoor Advertising

Once you join our clients, our team begins to design and implement a detailed and customized marketing strategy for your brand and create a professional presence for it among competitors to help you achieve your marketing goals and increase your revenue.

Promote through influencers

Through our partner list, we enable you to launch influencer campaigns that fit your budget and upcoming marketing ambitions to increase your sales and brand recognition in a short period of time.

Influencers have a large number of loyal followers on social media. That is why they are seen as experts in their fields and their recommendations are often highly valued and highly reliable in purchases.

At Hamim, we rely on advanced methods to choose the best influencers suitable for your brand, so that you can expand your business in the right direction.

Our criteria for selecting influencers for each brand:

  • Reliability
  • Public content relevant to your products and services
  • Type and volume of interaction on their account
  • Your promotional budget
  • Effect And not just fame

Every step with us in the influencer marketing process will be hassle-free; Because we know that your marketing plan needs support through the influencer relationship management service that we offer in Hamim to target the right audience.. Tell us what you want and we will deliver it, it’s that easy for us.