we help you to Bulid an identity that distinguishes you among your competitors, and make you always present with your customers made by our team that has been working for years in creating different identities to impress everyone who encounters it who is attracted to it.

We have the design a team of professionals in the digital identity industry and the improvement of mental images for brands whom are ready to add uniqueness and take your Identity to the next stage.

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About Lhamim

A Saudi idea and origin, global in capabilities, We were born in the year 2017 in order to fill the Marketing gaps In the areas of Digital and creativity, to provide services of a high level and untried before, with the ambition of our talents and the expertise of our specialists

prices and items

prices :
20,700 saudi riyal including VAT


Brand design
   Three options for the logo with the possibility of adjustment on two levels
   icon for main logo
   A draw of the name in Arabic and English
   Minimum and maximum usage
   Announcement to change the logo
   Logo Usage Policy
   Logo visualization
   social media style
   A4 . paper
   employee identification card
   Personal card
   Adhere the company’s cars
   pocket file
   Gift wrapping
   all stationary

Lets get your Identity done