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Brand – What is a brand?

Brand and Branding definitions and differences 

A brand identity is a process of connecting a product or business to a particular name, symbol, or features and ideas to distinguish it. This definition is according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

You create a brand by combining different elements such as logo, design, and showing the company’s mission unified across all platforms.

However, on the other hand, branding is the process of creating a strong positive perception and image about the company, its products, services, and culture in the client’s mind. In other words, branding is the emotional bond or relationship between your business and your client.

The Brand Guideline – Components:


How do the following brands stand out easily among their competitors? 

Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Apple or Samsung? Nike or Adidas?

Certainly, the competitive advantage that seems simple is the result of a brilliant brand built over many years of continuous work. 

Therefore, it has always been said that creating a brading is essential to success, but what exactly is a branding? And how could it affect our business?

To clarify, a successful brand help companies distinguish themselves from their competitors and build a loyal customer base. However, to stand out, you will need to analyze your competition through conducting a SWOT analysis, for example, in order to learn more about their brand as a whole.

To demonstrate, in a Zendesk poll, 87% of consumers said that the standardization and consistency of a brands’ image and style across all platforms strongly affect purchasing decisions and promote brand loyalty.

That means customers expect certainly your tone of voice to be the same through email, website, customer service, and every other contact point in your business. For this reason, you must unify your tone across all platforms.

Likewise, if you change your branding, you need to change your logo and design everywhere, online and in reality. As a result, make sure you create a consistent branding so that your clients enjoy your presence on any platform.

Branding Importance:

Firstly, the importance of the branding lies in the meaning of a unique branding that grants you a competitive advantage and significantly impacts your profits. 

Secondly, a unique brand helps you in acquiring and retaining customers at lower costs.

In e-commerce, for example, new companies tend to appear every day. likewise, that there are new competitors, so how will your brand hold still and stand up to their growth day by day?

Branding Importance:

First of all, it forms an emotional connection between you and your ideal client

Secondly, once you establish this, you will have a special place in the client’s mind.  

As a result, your confidence increases. A great brand defines itself, for example, Apple, Coca-cola, IKEA, and so much more.

Purpose of branding:

The purpose of branding is to create a loyal community of consumers that share common values, along with sharing an emotional bond with your brand. In addition to encouraging the use of your products or services.

How does branding benefit your business?

Makes your company is well known, and in other words, distinguished.

Strengthen the brand importance and enhance its position

– Earns you the trust of your clients.

– Distinct the personality, values, and culture of the brand.

– Gain competitive advantage.

– Creates an emotional bond between you and your clients.

– Your employees gain satisfaction and help you attract the best talent to work with you.

Brand Components

The guide of the brand style should include the fundamental design elements used in marketing your business, products, and services.

Therefore, you need to make sure that all the elements are in alliance with your brand’s identity and goals.

Seven main components

Let us break down the main components of the brand that must be found in the guide of your brand style. so as result, they unify their use across all platforms:

1- Your branding, message, and values

A branding message is a way to connect with your target audience. In other words, it is the core of your business and what it represents. Therefore, it has to be reflected in every part of the content you share. For example, by using the right message, you can inspire the clients and convince them to choose you.

2- The branding personality

It is the way you embody the brand message that assists your personality in communicating with the audience at an emotional level. Consequently, it distinguishes you from your competitors.

3- Logo design

The logo is a symbol associated with your company’s brand/name. In addition to representing the visual identity of your brand.

For instance, statistics show that 75% of customers recognize the brand through its logo.

4- Tone of voice

Imagine if your brand had a human voice and the ability to talk, how would it sound? What words and phrases would it use to distinguish its personality and make it unique? 

To sum up, identifying your brand voice helps in solidifying its desired image in the minds of your clients.

5- Fonts

The font is another key player as it extends the visual identity of your brand to the text as well.

In short, each line has its own character. With the use of one specific choice, you assign these characteristics to your brand.

6- Color palette

Never underestimate the power of the colors. Most importantly, they convey feelings and emotions well.

That is to say, you need to determine the feelings that you want to deliver to your clients while seeing your brand or owning your products.

For example Apple and Mercedes. To clarify, think, and look for the link between their brand colors and their marketing message. 

Most importantly, choose 1-3 basic colors and a few secondary colors to complete the artistic color palette of your brand.

7- images, videos, and drawings

In addition, another part that is inseparable from your brand is the visuals you create and distribute throughout your website and social media platforms. 

For example, how do you stand out when many companies use the same images and videos to promote their products/services? By being different, unique, and creative.

In a world full of choices and opportunities, it is hard for a company to climb to the top and thrive.

In conclusion

To sum up, this article identified what a brand is, what is the brand’s importance, and the most essential part of it.

Building a powerful name that demonstrates your brand’s importance, and grants you the opportunity to communicate with people on a more personal level and become an integral part of their lives.

Subsequently, you can now easily visualize your brand and the image you want your clients to perceive from it.

In Lhamim, we can help you build and creatively design a brand that represents your identity and distinguishes yourself among your competitors and increase your revenue?

Check our services, and feel free to contact us if you need any professional assistance.