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Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the most important tool to reach without being restricted to a specific space for a wider spread than you think. In Lahmim we guarantee you an organized mechanism of action in marketing your business on the Internet from:
– Manage your visibility in search engines
– Marketing campaigns through communication platforms
– Ads via social media influencers
Commercial sponsorship
And other digital marketing tools after studying the target market and the product and knowing the competitors

Create websites

Creating a website has become an urgent necessity with the high rate of internet usage, as it is estimated to search for any product at a rate of 70% through the Internet, and in order to be close to your customers and present all the time anywhere we work with high professionalism on distinctive designs for websites to contribute to the growth of your business

Advertising campaigns

We first determine the current situation of our customers and then define the target group. Then we design thoughtful advertising campaigns with a specific timetable in a creative way that guarantees spread, increase profits and appear more widely.

Create a brand

It is your first interface that you issue to your customers, and it is the fingerprint that indicates your product as soon as you see it. We work on designing commercial identities on interconnected foundations between colors, the logo and the concept of the product to build a visual and mental link between the product and the customer and this service includes:
-Building a business identity
-Reconstructing a business identity
-Corporate Profile

Marketing plan

In Lahim we excel in developing marketing plans designed for each
-client separately and consisting of several points,
-The target group and the appropriate channels for them
-Goal setting and marketing research
-Ads campaigns scheduling and budgets
– sowt analysis
-Rate of return on investment
-Increase interaction and customer -journey analysis

Communication strategy

You will not be able to reach your customers if you do not define a communication strategy, this strategy works to determine your target audience and the appropriate means to contact them as well as the method of communication and their preferred platform for presenting products to the target group in addition to following up the results and the extent to which they achieve the goals

Production of text, visual and audio content

We care about all types of content, text, design, images, audio and video, to be creative and distinguished to work on achieving several smart goals, including
Expand customer circle and increase profits, high customer loyalty, continuous promotion, gain traffic and increased visits to your store or account, effective communication

Managing social media accounts

Content creation is the first force in the era of technology, and your word that you give to your customers to introduce your product and clarify your vision
We work at Hahamim to create and develop the content of your social media accounts in line with the search engines and the aspirations of your customers to better present your product, which guarantees greater returns.

Why choose us

Because we are committed to working with passion and innovation, and we excel in content that exceeds expectations to achieve success for our partners




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